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The Throop Family

Dear Pastor and Ministry Partners:

  With the publication of the Kaulong New Testament a major ministry milestone has been reached. Some of you may be thinking, "Okay, Craig and Linda, the translation is complete, now you can come home." Nothing could be further from the truth. In some ways the work is just begining. The challenge now is to help the Kaulong people use their new Testaments so that the Word of God will go from their hands into their hearts and bear fruit in their lives.

  With this in mind we are"chomping at the bit" to return to PNG so that we can distribute the Kaulong New Testament and see it continue to transform the lives of the Kaulong people.We have stepped out in faith and booked our tickets. We leave the U.S. for PNG on May 17

In the meantime many thing need to come together to help make our upcoming time among the Kaulong a success.

Prayer Requests

  We would like to ask for your renewed commitment in the area of prayer, especially over the next three years. During that time we hope by God's grace to achieve the following goals:
  1. That Kaulong New Testament will clear PNG customs where they have been held up the last two months.
  2. For a favorable reception to the Kaulong New Testament by the churches in the area.
  3. For the finances needed for travel, accommodations, wages, and special equipment.
  4. For Craig as he works on the translation of Genesis 1 and 2 for use in the Kaulong primer.
  5. For Craig as he records the Gospel of John in Kaulong and Linda as she checks it and records her parts.
  6. For Linda and her literacy consultant, Carla, as they try to get the primer in as final form as possible before returning to PNG.
  7. For the need and production of fluency reading materials in Kaulong.
  8. Praise God for Wil and Cameron, two young men who will be going with us to assist in the ministry, and a positive learning experience.
  9. For wisdom for the doctors as they deal with Craig's kidney stone issues and for health clearance from our mission.
  10. For someone to go along to help with Daniel's schooling and daily routine as Linda works on training the Kaulong literacy teachers.
  11. For planting of a new church in a remote area.
  12. For Craig and the Kaulong church leaders as they work on study guides for Romans, Ephesians, Hebrews, and Revelation.
  13. For the setting up of an internal connection with the Kaulong translators so that translation work can continue on the Old Testament and Scripture-in-use materials during the times that we are in the U.S.
  14. For a timely connection with the boat on which we will be traveling from Rabaul to Kandrian.

  It has been such a blessing to see so many of you in recent months and be assured of your prayers for us. We are looking forward to seeing many more of you before we leave in May. Thank you for continuing to partner with us through your prayers and financial support.
  So, to get to the bottom line, would you be willing to recommit yourself to intercessory prayer for the achievement of the above goals, all, of coarse, sublect to the Lord's will? We would be very grateful, indeed, if you would. We, for our part, will commit to doing our best to keep you informed of the "details" so that you can be praying for specific needs. If any of you would like to recieve more frequent prayer updates by email, please so indicate by sending us an email from the email address to which you would like the email updates sent. Please send your email directly to us at the following email address: craig_throop@crmf.org.pg(please note that we can only recieve emails up to 50k in size).
  Thank you again for standing with us in the past. May God richly bless you you and protect you spiritually and in every other way in the coming year, as we uphold each other in prayer before the throne of grace.

Sincerely in Christ

Craig & Linda Throop

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